C2E52: Echoes of Treachery

Dive into the latest escapades of the Planar Detective Agency with their grand return to Union City’s vibrant chaos. Kavan’s past ignites as he encounters a former lover, who might just toss the Agency their newest mystery. Meanwhile, Edgious steps into his old haunts, only to be greeted by echoes

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C2E51: Whispers of the Past

The Planar Detective Agency set off to join forces, once again, in Union City but not before settling their unfinished business! Edgious takes on the infamous sword master Kenji Matsumoto while Lex returns from Mechanus with new skills that could prove vital in the battles to come, and reunites with

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C2E50: A Weapon Forged

In this solemn episode of ‘Malt and Magic,’ we pay tribute to the fallen heroes of Stonebark, honoring their sacrifice in the wake of the Shadowfell’s dark incursion. Amidst the echoes of farewell, Edgious embarks on a suspense-filled journey north of Union City, seeking the legendary swordsman, Kenji Matsumoto, in

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C2E49: The Portal's Price

As our heroes deal with the death of newly formed allies and parting words that lay heavy on their hearts, they try to console the whole village who have lost so much to shadow and darkness. Can balance be restored not only to the world but to the Plan Detective

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C2E48: Wreathed in Shadow

With shadow creatures flooding out of the portal and into Stonebark Village, our heroes need to put an end to this quickly before more people die. What they discover down the well is an intricate cave system full of shadows and wraiths standing between them and the corrupted portal. A

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C2 E36-47 Recap

Join Dave, Danny and Bodhi as they review Episodes 36 to 47. Can they make sense of the plot? What wild theories do they have? Can they stay on track? Hit play to find out.

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