Welcome to the first blog post from the Malt and Magic team! If you’re just joining us, we’re an actual play D&D livestream/podcast where a good dram of whisky and the roll of a dice go hand in hand. Together, we journey through the homebrewed world of Ardahlia, where our adventurers’ tales are only as limited as our imaginations.

Our Story So Far!

Our adventure began with “The Forgotten Kingdom of Nialin,” where our brave adventurers, the Wardens of the Veil, embarked on a quest filled with danger, intrigue, and the occasional comedic twist. The Kingdom of Nialin, lost and confined within a demiplane, proved a formidable challenge for our heroes.

Now, we’re deep into our second campaign, and the group (currently nameless, but not for long) ventures into the vast lands of Enoeth in the world of Ardahlia proper. But what secrets does Enoeth hold? Only time will tell.

Meet Our Adventurers

Jewel of Shadows (She/Her)

Tabaxi Rogue

Birthplace: Stonebark Village, Dryamere, Enoeth

Jewel is our resident Rogue of the party, but one whom harbours a deep fear of Magic and the Arcane. She set out on a quest to understand the horrors that were plaguing her village and was the one found in the office of Artemesia Callianera, Grand Mage of the Haelenthor Lyceum, whom had just been murdered. This event set our whole campaign into motion and has showcased Jewels panache for escaping unwanted situations and blending into the darkness. Her recent brush with the Astral Plane has left her with new abilities and new mysteries to solve.

Lex Ordo (He/Him)

Yuan-Ti Sorcerer

Birthplace: Sibilare Tribal Village, The Oblivion Islands

Lex is the logical, straight-laced Sorcerer of the group. His past, however, is as chaotic as any other. Lex was born on The Oblivion Islands, into a tribe of Yuan-Ti, but stumbled upon a portal and disappeared for 30 years. Now, returning to the Material Plane, Lex and his Modron Companion D-12-COG (Cog for short) have a simple directive from the leader of the Plane of Mechanus – learn more about the Planar disturbances across Enoeth. What these disturbances mean, and why Lex is so critical to understanding them, is something these two unlikely allies will need to figure out for themselves.

Kharsis Whispcut (They/Them) – Departed

Tiefling Wizard

Birthplace: The Auroran Empire

Kharsis was the tortured, yet flamboyant member of the party. Their charisma and ability to turn any conversation into innuendo has left some permanent marks within the party and most excellent memories. Kharsis had just begun to discover more about themselves. They had begun to understand why they were different from their human family and why they had such an affinity for the arcane. Given the title of Untouchable Swordsman by someone who was more like a parent to them than anyone else, Kharsis was a master with a blade, fast and elegant. With recent events surrounding the party, and Kharsis themselves, they have decided to depart the party and go in search of answers so that they do not become a liability to the group.

Join the Adventure

Our game nights are far from an exclusive affair – we love it when our community gets involved. Whether you join us live on our Twitch stream ( or catch up with our weekly podcast episodes, you’re very much a part of this adventure.

Stay Tuned

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So grab a dram, ready your dice, and dive into the magical world of Ardahlia. The adventure is only just beginning!