🌍 Introduction:
Every week, countless adventurers accompany us live on our quest through the vast lands of Ardahlia via Twitch. But have you ever wondered about the journey an episode takes from our live stream to the polished version on our podcast and YouTube channel? Join us as we reveal the steps behind our storytelling magic.

🎥 The Magic of Live Streaming:
Our adventures begin raw, unfiltered, and entirely live on Twitch every Monday. There’s a unique charm to these sessions – from spontaneous reactions, unexpected plot twists, to the occasional on-air blunders. These sessions capture the heart and spirit of “Malt & Magic”, connecting us directly with our live audience.

Mr Wizards Streaming Setup – where the magic happens!

🎙 The Idea Phase:
Behind each episode lies a sea of inspiration. Whether from Ardahlia’s rich lore, a casual conversation, or feedback from you, our beloved community, every idea is treasured and explored.

🗺 Map Creation:
Each journey requires a map. Our custom-drawn settings, from bustling Enoeth cities to the most cryptic dungeons, paint the stage for our adventures. These maps, vital for our gameplay, also serve as a vivid imagination catalyst for listeners and viewers alike.

Map making in Inkarnate

🎭 Character Evolution:
Amidst the dynamic landscape, characters like ‘Jewel of Shadows’ and ‘Lex Ordo’ evolve. Every episode enhances their tales, challenges, and growth, forging deeper connections with our audience.

🔄 From Stream to Streamlined:
Once the live Twitch session concludes, our team gets to work. We refine the audio, ensuring optimal quality and flow for our podcast listeners. This edited version not only retains the essence of our raw gameplay but also offers a smooth narrative experience, enriched with ambient sounds and captivating background scores.

🎞 YouTube Magic:
The journey doesn’t end at audio. For our YouTube audience, we incorporate visuals, bringing Ardahlia and its tales to life, making every episode a cinematic experience.

💌 Community Interaction:
Releasing an episode is just the beginning. Engaging with our community, reveling in your comments, theories, fan art, and shared moments make our storytelling endeavor truly rewarding. You’re not just our audience; you’re a part of our ever-growing Malt & Magic family.

Sharing Homebrew Items in the Discord Server

🌌 Conclusion:
Creating an episode for “Malt & Magic” is more than just gameplay; it’s about forging connections, sharing stories, and celebrating collective creativity. As we dive deeper into Ardahlia’s mysteries, we’re glad to have you with us, every roll of the dice and every shared laugh.