There’s a certain magic in starting something from scratch, watching it grow, and reflecting on the journey. When the very first dice rolled on our inaugural game of D&D during a Whisky and Poker night, we never imagined it would lead to the creation of Malt & Magic.

The birth of Malt and Magic – playing The Lost Mine of Phandelver at one of our Whisky & Game nights.

A World Born from Passion

The world of Ardahlia wasn’t crafted overnight. It was a labour of love, created from countless hours of brainstorming, sketching, and writing. The continent of Enoeth and the mystery of the Forgotten Kingdom of Nialin were born out of passion and, let’s admit it, quite a few drams! Indeed, Ardahlia as a world did not exist during Campaign 1… or at least, not in it’s current form. We knew that Nialin had once been part of Enoeth, but the wider world has evolved from the stories crafted in our first adventure, and will continue to be shaped by our ongoing adventures throughout Campaign 2 and beyond.

An early colour sketch of The Kingdom of Nialin

Dynamic Evolutions

As with any great tale, our story wasn’t without its twists and turns. Our heroes faced personal transformations—like Jewel’s brush with death and subsequent new abilities. Even the world of Ardahlia underwent massive shifts with the return of Nialin, causing planar rifts and altering the very nature of magic and divinity. This is just for Campaign 2! Let’s not forget the twists and turns that our story took as Ander, Dargon, Kirek and Bothryd battled their way through Fiends and other foes as they sought to save Nialin.

Our first ever fully live (non pre-recorded) episode of Malt and Magic – November 2020.

Remembering Those We’ve Parted With

Change, though sometimes difficult, is a part of any journey. The recent departure of one of our players reminded us of that. But with endings come new beginnings, and we’re thrilled about the fresh voices and perspectives our guest stars will bring to the table.

A Glance to the Future

Without revealing too much, we promise that the next chapters in our story will be filled with even more magic, intrigue, and unexpected turns. The very fabric of Ardahlia is evolving, and with it, the destinies of our heroes. And let’s not forget the special guests, our third anniversary, and an upcoming giveaway to mark our return! We are working hard to bring together more collaborations and partnerships with the TTRPG and D&D communities. We can’t wait to share the results with you all.

Campaign 2 Episode 28 – Case of the Fey-talities

Join Us for the Adventure

For those who’ve been with us from the beginning, your support has been the wind beneath our proverbial wings. And for those just beginning this journey with us – buckle up! We’ve got a world to explore, and mysteries to unravel. Here’s to many more rolls, tales, and of course, drams of whisky.