September 4th is more than just a date on our calendar. It’s a testament to three magical years of adventures, friendships, and the untold tales of Ardahlia. We’re gearing up for a day like no other and while we won’t spill all the beans just yet, here’s a little glimpse into what awaits:

Triumphant Third: Three years in, and our passion for storytelling has only grown. This anniversary isn’t just about looking back, but charging forward into new tales and quests with renewed vigour. This year has seen us start a new campaign, explore a new world and also introduce new characters. We have also had our challenges, however, and we look forward to our 3rd Anniversary being another new beginning as we forge new collaborations and alliances.

Star-studded Saga: Our next episode won’t be just any other. We’re teaming up with some stellar guest stars who’ve been a recent part of the Malt and Magic journey. Expect new perspectives and unexpected plot twists as they join our narrative not just for Episode 29, but also beyond.

Double the Delight: We’ve already teased our unique dice tower giveaway, a perfect blend of craft and utility, and one that has deep connections to the Malt and Magic family (quite literally). As for the second giveaway, well, let’s keep some elements of surprise, shall we? But rest assured, it’s something that’ll make every D&D aficionado’s heart race.

Reconnecting the Threads: Our brief hiatus has been a time of reflection and preparation. The upcoming episode aims to weave together past narratives with new adventures, offering both nostalgia and fresh excitement. The Planar Portal must be healed, but in order to do so, our players have other journeys to undertake first!

Mark Your Calendars: With tales to tell and memories to make, September 4th is shaping up to be an unforgettable chapter in our journey. So, prepare your favourite whisky (or chosen beverage), get comfy, and join us as we dive into another enthralling chapter of Malt & Magic: Campaign 2…

… we really need a group name, don’t we? 😂